World News Media Congress 2020

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World News Media Congress 2020

17 Jun 2020 bis 19 Jun 2020

1st World Digital Media Forum, 27th World Editors Forum, 4th Women in News Summit

Zaragoza, Spain. June 2020.

WNMC.20 arrives in Spain at a decisive moment for press freedom and sustainability of mass media. “We are thrilled to be able to stage the 2020 World News Media Congress and are confident delegates will find Zaragoza and Spain an appropriately stunning and stimulating host”, said Fernando de Yarza López-Madrazo, President of WAN-IFRA and President of Henneo, “and we hope to go one step further: we want Zaragoza 2020 to be the great conversation of the world that defines the future model of quality and sustainable journalism".

Editors and journalists will have a great opportunity to analyze and discuss the News Media industry’s challenges at its current crossroads between content and technology, advertising and readership, cooperation and competitiveness – while enjoying one of the best places to be while they are at it.

One of Spain’s five largest cities, and the capital of the region of Aragón, Zaragoza sits at the crossroads of the country’s major centers of journalism (in between Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia) and has a long tradition of journalism. Henneo, one of Spain’s leading media and technology companies, dates its origin back to 1895, when the newspaper Heraldo de Aragón was founded in Zaragoza. Henneo will also celebrate its 125th anniversary in 2020.

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What our attendees say...


  • What a wonderful conference! Honestly one of the most useful and interesting events I’ve attended in a long time. And so good to see truly global representation from all corners of the world. Congratulations to the diligent organising team on a job very well done. My favourite session: research on trust in ads by platform. Hopefully will serve as ROI leverage to bring some ad revenue back to our industry. Thank you!

    Corinne Podger, Founder

    Digital Skills Agency, Australia

  • Terrific congress this year. I was quite pleased with how the women's session worked out.

    Vivian Schiller, CEO

    Civil Foundation, USA

  • A great conference indeed; well planned and beautifully executed. Kudos to all.

    Ibrahim al Hussain, Publisher Editor in Chief

    Emirates Magazine, Nigeria

  • Thank you to The WAN-IFRA team for putting together a great conference and thank you to all the Speakers and Panelists who provided great insight and guidance. It was good seeing everyone and hope you all made it back home safe and sound! See you all very soon!

    Mannish Popat, Businesses Manager

    NewsAsset Ltd, UK

  • Leaving Glasgow after an inspiring World News media Congress. Thank you, WAN-IFRA, for putting together such a rich programme. There are plenty of reasons to feel upbeat about the industry and journalism - in particular amazing individuals.

    Alexandra Borchardt, Director of Leadership Programmes

    Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford, UK


WNMC.20 in Zaragoza


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