Topics | Digital Media Europe 2019

Digital Media Europe 2019

01 Apr 2019 bis 02 Apr 2019

Topics | Digital Media Europe 2019



  • 1

    Engagement and retention

     How publishers can reignite the relationship with their most valuable audiences: subscribers!


  • 2

    Product & UX

    Mobile UX has no relation to print. Lessons from inside and outside publishing on how to optimise the reader experience.

  • 3

    Marketing optimisation

    In e-commerce this is second nature. From multi-variate testing on CTAs, to optimising the purchase-to-pay workflow, what are top publishers doing? 

  • 4

    Advertising models for registered users

    Improving the ad experience for logged-in users and making responsible use of 1st party data. 

  • 5

    Video revenue revisited

    Publishers are rethinking strategies for video based ad revenue - integrating content more with day-to-day operations and driving down the cost. 

Digital Media Europe 2019