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Thomas Kralinger

Thomas Kralinger

Vice President VÖZ, CEO Kurier Medienhaus, Austria

Thomas Kralinger LLM (born 1960 in Vienna) after completing his law degree, started his career with a law firm. From 1995 to 2003 he led the law and personnel agendas of the Viennese Association of Theatres, playing a considerable part in the building up of the international licensing business as well as the area of merchandising. In 2003 he moved to work in the area of media – first of all for the News GmbH publishing group, where he worked as the general secretary with the Law & Personnel core area, as a member of the board as well as director of News Networld. Since September 2007 Thomas Kralinger has been a director in the KURIER group of companies (KURIER Mobile and Print, Profile-Editing,,, Radio and Local Television) as well as director of Mediaprint and its holdings.