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Sean Ho

Sean Ho

Product Manager, Malaysiakini

Sean Ho

Sean Ho graduated from Curtin University in Western Australia, where he received a bachelor degree in Architecture in 1999. However rather than pursue a career in Architecture, Sean chose instead to follow the IT tsunami of the time, and got his first job as a web designer in Western Australian internet service provider.

In 2000, Sean joined American Express' Sydney office. There, Sean worked in a small team of five to manage American Express' Asia/Pacific websites, receiving multiple regional awards for successful implementation of innovation and change.

Sean later founded W3C Sites as a platform to promote coding with web standards which wasn't a common practice at the time. His special interest was in web accessibility where he believed the internet is for everyone.

In 2005 Sean moved to China with his partner, where he worked as a web design consultant specialising in UI/UX design.

After returning to his home country, Sean joined Malaysiakini in 2014 as a senior web designer. Today, Sean is a key cog in the Malaysiakini team, where he coordinates across all departments, managing various products within the Media, Tech, and Advertising groups.