North American Digital Media Awards 2020 Rules and Guidelines

North American Digital Media Awards 2020 Rules and Guidelines


Rules & Guidelines


Who can submit an entry to the North American Digital Media Awards?

WAN-IFRA's North American Digital Media Awards are open to news media companies and entities affiliated with the news media industry actively operating within the region. Entries must be prepared and uploaded by the news media organisation, news media organisation representative, advertising agency, or public relations firm working on the company's behalf. International media may apply as long as it has active operations within the US and Canada.

The competition is open to any project published or being held between May 1, 2019 and February 25, 2020.

Registration process

This process will take you less than five minutes.

The first step is to create an account and confirm your email. Explore the site to find all the requirements. Second step is to start submitting your entries after confirming your registration.

• You may edit your entry after submitting, up until the entry deadline (March 15).

• Please make sure all your personal details are entered accurately, including contact details, as this will be used to contact you if selected as a finalist.

• Please enter the project and company name as you wish for it to appear on our website if you are shortlisted. If you require a different company name for your invoice please contact us.

• You are eligible to enter more than one category, as long as the work submitted meets the criteria.
• You may use the ‘copy’ feature to create a copy of your entry and change the category as required.


Unlimited entries can be submitted and payment must accompany each entry.


Submissions are strictly online based. CD/ DVD / USB will not be accepted. Following completion of your registration online, a personal link to upload nominated materials will be sent to entrant’s email within 5 working days.


Key dates

January 9: Applications open

March 15: Applications close

March 16: Evaluation period starts

March 30: Finalists announced

April 23: Winners announced 


Entry fee per submission 

Each entry will be invoiced at 110 USD (100 EUR). Banking expenses will be borne by the applicant company. Any incomplete payment will disqualify the postulation. Inscription costs and banking expenses will not be returned.


World Digital Media Awards

The winners will automatically compete at WAN-IFRA's 2021 World Digital Media Awards against the winners of our Digital Media Awards editions in Africa, Asia, South Asia, Europe, Middle East and Latin America


Inelegibility and disqualification

Syndicated material or campaigns that are not specifically prepared for your company are not eligible. WAN-IFRA reserves the right to disqualify any entry that fails to conform to the rules. Disqualified entries will not be judged. Fees for these entries will not be returned. WAN-IFRA is not responsible for materials entered in the competition. You will be also disqualified if you have not paid the entry fee.


Sensitive information

Please do not include confidential information in your entries.


Terms and conditions

Shortlisted projects for each category of the North American Digital Media Awards 2020 must share a 20-second video presenting and explaining their project in HD and mp4 format for the award ceremony before April 8. Which means, you will have 1 week to prepare it and that we'll expect responsiveness.

Finalists must also nominate the person that will assist in representation of the company to the ceremony in Austin, Texas. Nominees for the North American Digital Media Awards 2020 are required to attend the ceremony.

Participants must grant WAN-IFRA the full rights to retain and use, free-of-charge, any images or material from the contest for publication in books, exhibitions, websites, or for educational and promotional purposes.


Payment methods

Payment can be made only by credit card. We will send you an invoice together with an authorization form and online payment link. Bank Transfer would only be accepted within three working days and on a case-by-case basis.