2020 LATAM Digital Media Awards

2020 LATAM Digital Media Awards

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to apply?

100 EUR per project

You will receive an invoice by email. All payments are coordinated with ilona.guemperlein@wan-ifra.org (in English), with daniela.pena@wan-ifra.org in cc


Why are there two deadlines?

The first date is the deadline to register all the projects you wish to nominate. You can come back and edit your entries at any time.

The second date is the deadline to complete all the information requested in each application. Do not forget to press the "SUBMIT" button.


Where can I register?



What information about my project will I be asked?

During the application you will ask yourself the following questions:

  • Please choose your entry group. Group A: Are you a regional/local brand, website, app or publication? Group B: Are you a national/international brand, website, app or publication?

  • Are you entering the Asian Digital Media Awards? - please choose "no"

  • Are you entering the LATAM Digital Media Awards? (optional) - please choose "yes"

  • How many journalists does your newsroom have? - If your site or newspaper is a part of a larger company, please count only the journalists for your division.

  • Please summarise your project.

  • How many people were involved in the project?

  • When did you launch the project / entry?

  • What was the duration of your project?

  • What was the impetus behind your project?

  • Please specify your goals of the project.

  • Please explain the implementation and the execution of the project.

  • What were the specific outcomes and results of your project?

  • Please describe the lessons you and your team learned?

  • Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently?

  • Please add all links related to the project.

  • Please upload a presentation or pdf file, which describes your project.


What are the recommendations for applying?

We recommend you plan your answers with time, be brief without leaving out important information and explain to the jury in a few paragraphs that makes your project different from the others.

Do not include confidential information.


In what language should I submit my answers?

You can answer in Spanish or English (recommended).


When will you announce the finalists and through which channels?

The finalists will be announced on October 7 through Twitter (@WANIFRA_LATAM) and our newsletter  (I wish to subscribe)


If I am a finalist and I am requested a video, will it influence the jury's decision to choose the winner?

No, by then the evaluation period will be over. The videos will be used as promotional material in our social networks and to present the finalists in the presentation ceremony.


Do the finalists have special access to the Digital Media LATAM 2020 conference in Mexico City?

Yes, the finalists have special discounts to attend the entire conference, although it's still to be confirmed. If the event doesn't take place in-person, it'll move online.

Contact WAN-IFRA for more details.


Can the finalists participate only in the Awards Ceremony?

Yes, two people per project can attend at no cost. From the third person onwards, you will have to pay 50 USD to attend the ceremony.


Do the winners qualify for the World Digital Media Awards?

Yes, the winners for the following categories will automatically qualify and compete for the 2021 WDMA, which will be announced during the WAN-IFRA World Media Congress.

  1. Best News Website or Mobile Service
  2. Best Use of Online Video (including VR) 
  3. Best Data Visualization
  4. Best Paid Content Strategy
  5. Best Digital Marketing Campaign for News Brands
  6. Best Native Advertising or Branded Content Project
  7. Best in Audience Engagement
  8. Best Project for News Literacy 


2020 LATAM Digital Media Awards