Programme | Advanced Photojournalism

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Advanced Photojournalism

15 Nov 2017 to 16 Nov 2017

Programme | Advanced Photojournalism


Day 1, 15-November:

  • Welcome: “Photojournalism in the age of Instagram: how to make an impact when everyone is a photographer”
  • Introduce yourself: show work
  • Introduce participants: everyone shows 10-15 images and a brief introduction
  • Icebreaker Assignment: collaborative portrait exercise (Tell each other one important fact about yourself and interpret)
  • Ethics, beyond photoshop
  • Re-imagining the savior complex of modern photojournalism
  • Using technical skills to support rather than drive your storytelling
  • Creatively using a limited kit to do more
  • Low light photography tips
  • Assignment: Overnight, use low light photography to tell a story about the city. Return a minimum of 20 selects for editing and critique.

Day 2, 16-November:

  • Setting yourself a part in a crowded market. Finding and using your own voice
  • Choosing, pitching and developing long form stories
  • Immersive storytelling: the importance of research and reading difficult situations
  • Inspiration: Review and critique published stories to analyze their success
  • Editing and sequencing for impact (please bring a body of work)
  • Expanding your marketability: the need for multiple skills for a sustainable career (writing, editing, video, recording audio)
  • Assignment: creative, limited kit portraits
  • One-on-one sessions: portfolio reviews, Q&A

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Advanced Photojournalism