Asian Media Awards

Asian Media Awards

AMA Registration Fee


The registration fee stated below is applicable for each entry. The fees are in Singapore dollar (SGD)

For example if you are submitting a total of 5 entries for newspaper front page, the registration fees would be $750 ($150 X 5)

Do note that the entry fee cover one project instead of the whole cateogry. As such if you submit 5 different projects in e.g Newspaper Infographics, the registration will be based on 5 separate fees.

Best In Print SGD 550

Best In Design

  • Newspaper Overall Design SGD 200
  • Magazine Overall Design SGD 200
  • Newspaper Front Page Design SGD 150
  • Magazine Cover Design SGD 150

Best In Editorial Content

  • Newspaper Breaking News Article SGD 150
  • Newspaper Feature Article SGD 150

Best In Infographics

  • Newspaper Infographics SGD 150
  • Magazine Infographics SGD 150

Best In Photojournalism

  • News Photography SGD 100
  • Feature Photography SGD 100
  • Sports Photography SGD 100

Best In Newspaper Marketing SGD 150
Best In Community Service SGD 150

Asian Media Awards