Claves 2020

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Claves 2020

03 Dec 2019 to 04 Dec 2019

AMI Annual Conference + Reader Revenue Summit



How audience-focused quality journalism and strategic alliances are driving digital growth

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The climate for digital news is changing across Europe. Readers are prepared to pay for news they trust. Publishers are focusing less on reach and more on loyalty and time spent.

What marked the year 2019 across Europe and how can we better prepare for the year 2020 in Spain? 

Claves 2020 was born as a joint effort between two organisations, WAN-IFRA and AMI in the spirit of sharing good practice and seeking the best solutions to the pressing concerns that media companies face today. 




  • 1

    Publisher alliances (SSO, Premium marketplace...)

  • 2

    Reader revenue (local & national media)

  • 3

    Branded content trends

  • 4

    Exploring new revenue streams

Claves 2020

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