Programme | Digital disruption and advertising

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Digital disruption and advertising

18 Jul 2019 to 19 Jul 2019
New Delhi

Programme | Digital disruption and advertising


Session timing

Day 1: 02.00 pm - 05.00 pm
Day 2: 10.00 am - 04.30 pm

New Delhi - 18 & 19 July

Day 1 : Seminar + Workshop + Company visit
Day 2 : Seminar + Workshop + Quizz + Certificates


How commerce changes

  • How consumers change the ways they purchase products, services
  • Digital disruption and transformation of the retail industry
  • Transformation of retail experiences
  • The big opportunity: Discovery challenge
  • Workshop: Ideating ways to assist brands

How marketing changes

  • Changes in the role of advertising in the marketing mix
  • Digital disruption of the advertising value chain
  • The role of data and addressability on a scale in marketing
  • The big opportunities: Marketing services, Lead generation, Trust management
  • Workshop: Planning new value propositions for national brands and local retailers

Innovations in customer engagement

  • Engagement funnel of digital platforms
  • Drivers of the loyalty of advertisers
  • The big opportunity: Customer engagement
  • Workshop: Planning a new ad customer experience

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Digital disruption and advertising