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Digital Media Europe 2020

Topics | Digital Media Europe 2020


This year we have 2 parallel conferences, with lots of breakout sessions and roundtables.


  • 1

    Customer Journey Orchestration

    From top of funnel to deep engagement. Our latest report goes deep into the tech and data decisions behind a paid content offer. 


  • 2

    Recurring Value & The Offer

    Giving subscribers the whole package. Which newsletter arrives on Monday morning? Have subscribers tried audio features or attended events?

  • 3

    Product UX in the real world

    Product management is now an established discipline on web and mobile. What lessons can we learn from outside news publishing?

  • 4

    Local Digital Subscription Summit

    The challenges specific to local publishers. This builds on an event we started in 2018, as well as our unique Table Stakes Europe programme. How to price local subscriptions? Do readers need 2 subscriptions for national & local? How to segment local audiences and build loyalty? 

  • 5

    Next gen advertising alliances

    After we gathered four of the major partnerships on stage in April 2019, we've seen deepening cooperations across Europe. Find out the state of play! Will we eventually see a European collaboration?

  • 6

    Native advertising rebooted

    The best partnerships are Win-Win - especially when a budget for branded content allows publishers to cover topics that are usually outside the scope of the newsroom. We present some innovative projects from Europe and the US.

Digital Media Europe 2020