Exhibition | Digital Media LATAM 2018

Digital Media LATAM 2018

14 Nov 2018 to 16 Nov 2018

Exhibition | Digital Media LATAM 2018





Are you looking to gain an extra edge over the competition and meet the most forward-thinking publishers in Latin America? 


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Confirmed Exhibitors

  • CCI


    CCI Europe provides platforms that support the evolving needs of multi-channel publishing as well as print and digital distribution. Our scalable solutions help media brands all over the world create engaging content, reach new audiences, and optimize their business strategies.

  • Chartbeat

    As the analytics partner for more than 50,000 leading media sites around the globe, Chartbeat tracks what people are reading on a second-by-second, pixel-by-pixel basis on each site, article and page. Our content intelligence tools and quality metrics go beyond clicks and pageviews so you can understand reader engagement — the amount of time users spend actually reading content. This helps you value your best stories and ensure they thrive across platforms and devices.


  • Deutsche Welle

    Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcaster. We convey a comprehensive image of Germany and the world, report events and developments, incorporate German and other perspectives in a journalistically independent manner. By doing so we promote understanding between cultures and peoples. We simultaneously also provide access to the German language.

    Thanks to our global network of cooperation we can offer high-quality content. Currently, DW has more than 4,400 media partners around the world (TV, radio, online and mobile)

  • Piano

    Piano is a fast-growing enterprise SaaS company headquartered in New York City. We provide enterprise software to the world’s leading media companies, including GateHouse, Business Insider, NBC, The Economist, Condé Nast, Hearst, and Gannett. Our software enables these companies to create customized digital experiences for users, restrict and sell access to content online, and analyze user behavior in order to maximize revenue. For more details see http://www.piano.io.

  • Pressreader

    ​PressReader delivers the world’s newspapers and magazines to millions of readers the way they want to receive them - in print, online, or on their mobile device, tablet or eReader - wherever they live, travel, work or play.

    PressReader offers access to more than 6,000 newspapers and magazines from more than 100 countries in 60+ languages.

    With PressReader, you can hold an enhanced digital replica of your favorite publication in your hands and read it from cover to cover, just the way the title was printed, with no compromises in quality, fidelity or content.

  • S2i


    S2i is a company specialized in multimedia solutions of software for media, in the field of commercial and sales systems.

    Our 20 years of experience and the leading position in the Spanish market, with the main communication groups, have allowed us to gain the knowledge and expertise necessary to evolve, with a controlled cost of your investment.

    Functionally, at the accelerated pace that the business demands at all times, we guarantee our clients the most effective solution for their needs, while focusing their attention on the management of their business.

    In the field of digital advertising, by integrating online with the main Ad-Sever, we are absolute leaders in Spain, managing ads for portals with more than 60 million unique users

Digital Media LATAM 2018