Topics | Digital Media LATAM 2019

Digital Media LATAM 2019

Topics | Digital Media LATAM 2019



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    Reassessing the pivot to paid

    The region's most successful models

    The sessions will provide an in-depth update of the most effective conversion and retention strategies, and paywalls and membership schemes, both in traditional media and pure players in Latin American and beyond. In addition, the challenges regarding user data, content personalization, audience loyalty and subscriber fatigue in the consumption of the environment, as well as the technology and resources that are being used, will be evaluated.

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    Audio: a land of huge opportunities and potential nightmares

    A podcast boom is taking place in Latin America

    The podcast boom is happening in Latin America. As an example, during 2018 podcast consumers totaled almost 12 million and it is estimated that by 2023 there will be 38 million consumers in Mexico, according to the Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2019-2023 study by PwC. Hence the relevance to understand success stories, its business models and how they obtain revenue, what metrics are the most used and which challenges arise when creating an audio content strategy from scratch.

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    The product manager “gold rush”

    Key players in the digital media transformation

    Product roles are becoming a must-have for media outlets eager to align business goals, editorial production and technological resources with the demands of an increasingly complex and ever-changing digital ecosystem. Therefore, the sessions will deep-dive into finding the professional profiles, retaining and empowering them internally to boost their operation and guide them to achieve business objectives through product.

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    Priorities within the advertising portfolio

    The best branded content and programmatic advertising strategies

    Several traditional media companies and pure players in Latin America have managed to mature their branded content strategies, achieving a contribution of more than 50% to their revenue. Similarly, programmatic advertising is gaining ground to establish itself as a primary factor in the total advertising spending. The sessions will address the measures that must be taken to make programmatic advertising a sustainable source of income, taking into account the implications of brand safety, which marks less dependence on cookies and Cost Per Mille ( CPM) on mobile devices.

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    Find the video strategy that works for you

    Online video is more relevant than ever

    The pivot to online video and video journalism was an expensive and risky experiment for many, however the relevance and popularity of producing video content from news outlets remains more relevant than ever before. During this conference we will talk about the most successful video strategies in Latin America and the world.

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    Digital transformation

    Success stories from leading Latin American companies

    A detailed look at the transformation processes of some of the most important media companies in Latin America, which will allow attendees to understand the behind the scenes, obstacles, successes and failures of media executives who are leading the structural changes necessary for companies to adapt to the digital era.

Digital Media LATAM 2019