Programme | Editorial Leaders 3, Reporting for Mobile, by Mobile

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Editorial Leaders 3, Reporting for Mobile, by Mobile

17 Jun 2019 to 18 Jun 2019

Programme | Editorial Leaders 3, Reporting for Mobile, by Mobile


Day 1, Morning:

Introductions to Mobile Journalism in India — how newsrooms like Hindustan Times, NDTV, The Quint use Mobile Journalism — 1 hour

  • This will cover how journalist are using phones to shoot/edit/stream multimedia content
  • This can be an open discussion where people share their observations of other media houses
  • When should you choose DSLRs over phones or vice versa — 15 mins
  • How to manage your workflow from the field when you switch to mobile — a problem solving session — 1 hour
  • Getting footage from phone to online when you’re having network and storage problems
  • Case Studies: How we covered breaking news like during the Punjab, UP, Karnataka, Rajasthan and MP elections at Hindustan Times and Outlook Magazine, and what lessons can be shared for other newsrooms
  • Equipment (on a budget) and systems to make them available - 1 hour
  • Using gimbals and gorillapods for stability
  • The difference between mics for phones and mics for DSLRs
  • Building a jugaad setup


  • Getting started with MoJo — 4 hours
  • How to shoot on the phone (theory and practical sessions)
  • Storyboarding — prepping for a shoot
  • Interviews
  • B roll
  • Multicam shoots
  • Camera Apps that mimic DSLRs
  • Adjusting light balance
  • Shooting in vertical vs horizontal
  • Do’s dont’s and checklists to ensure consistency
  • Ethics of shooting on the phone and otherwise:
  • Indian laws and how to follow them
  • What are you allowed to shoot, and what aren’t you allowed to shoot?
  • Giving appropriate credit
  • How to avoid copyright strikes
  • What is fair use?
  • Case Studies: Ethical Mobile reporting at Hindustan Times
  • How to edit on the phone
  • Basic editing for short social videos — using Quik
  • In Depth editing for YouTube/Web — using Kinemaster
  • Open discussion: What concerns do you have about implementing MoJo in your newsrooms? We will share the hurdles we’ve faced and ways around it — 1 hour
  • Logistics
  • Workflow from reporter to editor to publishing
  • Different MoJo models: MoJo assisted, MoJo dependent and semi-MoJo

Beyond this course:

-       Our constantly developing ebook is a resource they can go back to and check

-       We also recommend a catch up over skype to problem solve with participants a week later

Note: This programme can also be offered as in-house workshop.

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Editorial Leaders 3, Reporting for Mobile, by Mobile