Programme | Generating New Advertising Revenue

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Generating New Advertising Revenue

Programme | Generating New Advertising Revenue


Workshop Programme:
Day 1: Laying the Groundwork for Growth

  • Introductions and Agenda Review
  • Advertising Trends and Dynamics Today:

An overview of the current challenges and opportunities facing the advertising and media industries. The instructor will pay special attention to the challenges faced by the impact of digital, especially mobile technologies, on advertising.The discussion will also examine how traditional publishers and broadcasters have adapted to these challenges to increase advertising revenue.

  • New Audiences and the Opportunity for Advertising

Economic growth, changing demographics and increased access to media have created new audiences for advertisers to reach. Identifying where your audiences are today and where there are opportunities to capture new audiences will be the focus of this segment.

  • Creating an Advertiser Framework

The universe of advertisers has grown and expanded from the traditional universe of agency-based national advertisers and more locally based direct advertisers. In order to develop a clear strategy to target new advertising segments, news media should have a clear framework with which to focus
development. This segment will propose an approach to creating an advertiser framework to guide new advertising development.

  • Summary and Wrap-Up Discussion

The instructor will summarize the discussion from Day 1 and open to questions from the audience for group discussion or for input into Day 2 workshop elements.

Day 2: Strategy and Execution: Developing an Action Plan.

  • Building New Advertising Programs and Products

Advertising revenue growth will require news media to carefully rethink current advertising offerings, examining each for new benefits to the advertiser, new advertisers services and new sales channels. In addition, the emergence of new audiences and new media channels will offer whole new advertising product opportunities.

  • Product Development Exercise:

Workshop attendees will participate in a “mock” new advertising product development exercise.

  • Special Case: Classifieds & Commerce, Data & Leads

Data has become one of the advertising industry’s most exciting and controversial currencies. This segment will examine the evolution of the classified and directory industry and its role as an important data and lead generation product.

  •  Special Case: Creative – Branded Content

The importance of creative in engaging an audience in an advertiser messagehas emerged as one of the forces propelling change in advertising. This final segment will look at some of the approaches to develop and manage “branded content” advertising.

Note: This workshop can also be offered as company training.

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Generating New Advertising Revenue