Middle Eastern Digital Media Awards

Middle Eastern Digital Media Awards

28 Feb 2018
United Arab Emirates (the)



In total, some 300  industry delegates were attending the two-day annual WAN-IFRA Middle East Conference, co-organised in Dubai by Dubai Production City. The awards were presented during a dinner ceremony at the Mawal-Al Murooj Rotana in Dubai, hosted by OKAZ. Full details of the conference are available on our main event website.

Best News Website

  1. Khaleej Times by Galadari Printing & Publishing (LLC) The website, www.khaleejtimes.com, was launched in 1996. It has 3.9 million unique visitors a month. Khaleej Times is the market leader in news websites, and it intends to consolidate this position further in 2017
  2. Timesofoman by Muscat Media Group, OmanTimesofoman.com has become the biggest English-language news provider in Oman by a huge margin, capturing more than 90 percent market share. The adaptive site across desktop, tablet and mobile went from strength to strength, with traffic growing to 56,464,732 pageviews in 2016.
  3. The Peninsula Qatar News Portal by Dar Al-Sharq Newspaper, Qatar The website covers the entire spectrum of news from local reports, sports, lifestyle, technology, entertainment and economy. The Peninsula offers a great platform for the advertisers as it attracts regular and captive readers who are well-read and in decision making positions.

Best in Lifestyle, Sports or Entertainment Website

  1. Hiamag.com by Saudi Research & Publishing Co., UAE The website was started with the mission to be the leading source of high-quality Arabic luxury lifestyle content in the region. The objective was to establish a unique website both in terms of design and content which will have interactive features to encourage community engagement.
  2. Sayidaty.net by Saudi Research & Publishing Co., UAE The site at Sayidaty.net is the result of in-depth research on the Arab market carried out by a team of researchers. The aim is to keep men abreast of the latest developments in the world online and in social media for all aspects in their lives.
  3. Sayidaty.net by Saudi Research & Publishing Co., UAE Sayidaty Magazine is a well-known and the most popular weekly print magazine and it is the highest distributed in Saudi Arabia and Middle East. Sayidaty.net had a mission to keep on growing worldwide to become not only the largest distributed print magazine, but the highest in reach online (website and social media).

Best Use of Online Video

  1. Al Bayan TV by Al Bayan, UAE The Video Portal of Al Bayan Online – The Innovative Interaction Department within Al Bayan Digital is specialized to produce videos for Al Bayan TV which is the video channel related to the site.
  2. Times TV by Muscat Media Group, Oman Elevates video production from additional content on the website to a dedicated channel and brand across the site, social media (including live broadcasting on Facebook Live) and YouTube to build its audience and revenue-generating potential.
  3. The House of Sheikh Saeed by Press Sector Dubai-Media Incorporated, UAE The Video of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum house goes back in history to the period of building the house, and uses infographic elements; maps and structural layouts, to represent building techniques people depended on to take advantage of the wind, make the best of the location.

Best Data Visualisation

  1. Timesofoman.com by Muscat Media Group, Oman An immersive microsite dedicated to a vital part of Oman's rich history with art, graphics, video, audio, photography and meticulously researched copy. This prestigious project was again sponsored for a significant sum (close to six figures in dollars) adding to the company's bottom.
  2. The House of Sheikh Saeed by Press Sector Dubai-Media Incorporated, UAE For details please see Best Use of Online Video, above.
  3. H.H Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed by Al Bayan, UAE Creations made for the future. On 1 February 2008, he was named as the hereditary prince of Dubai. In His 8th's anniversary of holding the hereditary, an infographics in two pages was created, published at the same day of the anniversary highlighting the most effective initiatives that touched the society and had affected it positively.

Best News Mobile Service

  1.  Al Sharq Newspaper Mobile Application by Dar Al-Sharq Newspaper, Qatar The idea was to implement Augmented Reality (AR) feature for Al Sharq newspaper, so readers can view moving content such as a video or an animation on a page of their newspaper. Also it can be used for advertisers so they can add printed ads in the newspaper and with this feature the reader can interact with it and see more information about this ad.
  2. Khaleej Times Mobile news by Galadari Printing & Publishing (LLC), UAE The objective was to deliver news and utilities on all type of mobile devices. Khaleej Times app is available on most of the mobile devices, including Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.
  3. timesofoman.com mobile by Muscat Media Group, Oman To reach people on their mobiles with the most relevant platform to them, in particular leveraging their Facebook audience - the third largest following of any page in Oman, and the largest audience inside Oman for any Facebook page (source: socialbakers).

Best Lifestyle, Sports or Entertainment Mobile Service

  1. Aljamila.com by Saudi Research & Publishing Co., UAE A fashion and beauty website Aljamila.com website has become one of the top fashion and women websites worldwide to rank upon the top 3 in one year. Aljamila.com focuses on general fashion and beauty topics of interest to younger women,including social, beauty, fashion and health issues.
  2. Khaleej Times interactive Sports by Galadari Printing & Publishing (LLC), UAE Khaleej Times sport section makes the best use of real-time storytelling in the form of scorecards. The section offers a rich mix of sports features and match reports, along with analytical pieces.
  3. Sayidaty new Mobile Applications by Saudi Research & Publishing Co., UAE For lifestyle news and entertainment. Sayidaty Digital worked on a new mobile application that can enable users to get the best of Sayidaty content and stay up to date based on their own interests.

Best Innovation New Product

  1. Hia Boutique by Saudi Research & Publishing Co., UAE An affiliate-based e-commerce project. It is a micro-site included under the Hiamag.com website. The idea of this project consists on exploiting their lifestyle experience and specialist’s skills to provide users with select luxury items curated with view of the current trends in the region.
  2. Sayidaty Mall by Saudi Research & Publishing Co., UAE Started as a directory of shopping of brands, shops, malls, products and offers and discounts in Saudi Arabia and UAE. This content has proved missing in the GCC and has remained to grow in traffic from direct and organic reach. Sayidaty Mall has built its own social media channels and built a new brand in both Arabic and English that is specialised in shopping (offline and online).
  3. refkat kotob by Al Bayan, UAE Interactive microsite. Uniqueness led Al Bayan to win the Best Newspaper Award for covering the “Year of Reading” Initiative. The website Programming Department developed a new technique enabling browsers to download from their smartphones the covers of books currently read by them directly to the site along with their rating and review.

Best in Social Media Engagement

  1. Sayidaty.net on Snapchat by Saudi Research & Publishing Co., UAE Sayidaty Magazine launched its Snapchat account 1 November 2016. Sayidaty’s successful experience in social media, and its 20 offices worldwide providing the best variant content in the region, gave Sayidaty’s social media team the eager to utilize the trends of Snapchat by creating an optimized promoting strategy integrated with the content provided by the Sayidaty’s magazines, websites and users.
  2. "Feed them right" by Saudi Research & Publishing Co., UAE Sayidaty Kitchen Social Awareness campaign. In collaboration with the Ministry of Health in KSA, Sayidaty Magazine, Sayidaty Kitchen website and the group of Sayidaty Magazine websites launched the awareness campaign “Feed them right.” The campaign targets primary school kids from 6 to 14 years old, and it's directed to the parents, community, and kids' education institutions.
  3. timesofoman.com social media by Muscat Media Group, Oman The aim was to leverage their strong Facebook following and expand their services, with the introduction of directly-uploaded video content rather than links, Facebook Live broadcast to increase engagement, and Facebook Instant Articles for their mobile users. 

Best Digital Advertising Campaign

  1. Khaleej Times Digital Campaign Glow Garden by Galadari Printing & Publishing (LLC), UAE Dubai Glow Garden and Dinosaurs Park are popular destinations for residents and tourists in Dubai. They approached Khaleej Times to promote awareness about the parks using digital platforms. To create larger impact, the Times offered them innovative digital advertising, with videos, competition and Facebook Live.
  2. Project: Muse-Estee Lauder and Sayidaty women empowerment campaign by Saudi Research & Publishing Co., UAE The concept was to promote luxurious daily products by conceptualizing personalized digital experience. This was done by launching a complete microsite under Sayidaty domain with special social media, video and competition.
  3. Khaleej Times Digital Campaign for Aseel by Galadari Printing & Publishing (LLC), UAE The campaign objective was to increase sales of their products, particularly during month of Ramadan, when the demand for similar products is very high. The Times staff suggested a comprehensive 360 digital plan, which will increase their overall sales. The results were outstanding. There was overall 20% growth in sales.

Middle Eastern Digital Media Awards