Module 2 - News with Data

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Module 2 - News with Data

12 Jun 2019 to 13 Jun 2019
data journalism

Today news stories are flowing in as they happen, from multiple sources, eyewitnesses, logs and what has happened is filtered through a vast network of social connections, being ranked, commented and shared. Big data has changed journalism foreverand the little points of information that are often not relevant in a single instance, but massively important when viewed from the right angle. Now that the information is abundant, processing that is more important.

This workshop will provide strategic insight, case studies and skills and tools to allow editors to ensure that data is being effectively analysed and used for improved storytelling.

This course will help you unlock the powerful world of data journalism to tell deep, insightful stories. You’ll learn to find, analyze, interpret and visualize data in compelling new ways.

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Module 2 - News with Data