Programme | Newsroom Leaders - Dynamic Journalism

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Newsroom Leaders - Dynamic Journalism

Programme | Newsroom Leaders - Dynamic Journalism


Day 1, 15 June: Dynamic journalism

Day 2, 16 June: Investigative journalism

  • Review the latest trends amongst Indian digital news consumers. 

  • Reviewing what multimedia content is engaging consumers most. 

  • How to leverage existing visual content for digital audiences. 

  • Three-quarters of Indian news consumers use Facebook, and we will review Stories, the latest visual format for Facebook and Instagram. 

  • Podcasts and their role in a multimedia strategy. 

  • Long-form video and its role in building audience engagement. 

  • How to integrate your multimedia efforts into your editorial planning. 

  • Tools for multimedia production. 

  • Setting goals and measuring success on social media, YouTube, podcasting and your other efforts. 

  • How to build audiences for your multimedia products and how multimedia fit into your publishing strategy.

 The programme on investigative journalism will appear shortly.

Newsroom Leaders - Dynamic Journalism