Programme | Newsroom Leaders - Newsroom Leadership and Change Management

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Newsroom Leaders - Newsroom Leadership and Change Management

Programme | Newsroom Leaders - Newsroom Leadership and Change Management


This programme is designed based on Table stakes format.

Day One: Problem definition

Introduction: The CEO perspective

  • Goals for this workshop, and why you’re not competitors
  • Change is a chronic side effect of something more important: performance
  • Sizing up your organization’s situation by taking the whole-enterprise view
  • Exercise: Introduce one another and your biggest fears as leaders

Choosing your audience(s)

  • Three connected audience problems: Insufficient relevance, utility, disconnected communities and erosion of trust
  • Your audience is not “the public”
  • Exercise: The “onliness statement”
  • Idea to take home: Hold a user-centered story meeting to arrive at jobs to be done

The business context (as seen from the U.S., but with cautionary notes for the rest of the world)

  • Advertising implosion + high fixed costs = a sustainability crisis
  • The tyranny of the platforms: How Facebook, Google and others both enable and stifle our businesses
  • Mismatched incentives: How volume and quality are often at odds in the digital world
  • Exercise: SWOT analysis

Frameworks for problem definition

  • The core principle: Test and learn
  • Exercise: Identifying pain points + opportunities and describing organizational gaps
  • Exercise: Defining the performance you wish to see
  • Exercise: Setting SMART goals

Day Two: Leading solutions

Brief review and discussion of Day One

Planning for performance

  • Exercise: Designing your strategy tree
  • Exercise: What hypotheses are you testing?
  • Potential for Change = Dissatisfaction with current state × Vision for future × Process for getting there
  • Exercise: Building coalitions

Designing the “digital-first” newsroom

  • New skills, new roles, new structures: content strategy, audience development, product development
  • Idea to take home: Running content experiments

The audience funnel

  • The role of analytics in the audience feedback loop
  • What is the funnel? Casual, habitual, paying and loyal
  • Ideas to take home: Tactics for every part of the funnel

Change in action

  • Exercise: Picking the low-hanging fruit
  • Exercise: Moving toward outcomes
  • Exercise: Telling your story internally and externally
  • How to build and sustain momentum

Newsroom Leaders - Newsroom Leadership and Change Management