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Responsive Design

20 Jul 2017 to 21 Jul 2017
WAN-IFRA Academy

Programme | Responsive Design



We live and work in a world where print and digital news design must co-exist yet serve readers and advertisers in very different ways. Designers and journalists across the newsroom need to know the potential of each platform to excel, so they may be equipped to offer strong ideas for news companies (and for their own careers!) to remain competitive and grow.

In this workshop, news design expert and educator Ron Reason will share lessons from top publications and schools he has worked with worldwide. In addition to best practices observed in the field, and design fundamentals he has taught at the university level – including basic and advanced techniques for color, typography, navigation, infographics and photo use – a major draw of this programme will be the dynamic interaction with participants, a unique chance to critique and improve your work. 

Come prepared to talk, in a friendly setting! Teams of 2 or 3 from one newsroom as well as managers are encouraged to apply. You will be urged in advance to share samples of your best design work, as well as that which fell short of the mark. We will dissect the newsroom cultures that allow for success, and brainstorm those that need to be improved for us to do better. In the context of the design solutions you share, we will discuss leadership, teamwork, planning and communications that lead to quality journalism, regardless of the medium.   

Among digital trends that will be discussed: new linear and visual narrative techniques for mobile storytelling, including a hands-on exercise exploring the same.

This workshop will have programme for both print and digital design departments;

Day 1, 20-July: Print design

  • Intro: The importance of branding and cross-platform design
  • The marriage of words and visuals
  • Typography and colour: Fundamentals and creativity
  • Photojournalism: Impact and surprise
  • Infographics: Simple tools for anyone in the newsroom
  • Newsroom culture: How leadership, planning and teamwork impact our work
  • Critique: Analyzing our successes, rethinking pages that miss the mark

Day 2, 21-July: Digital Design

  • Overview: Desktop, tablet and mobile design standards
  • Basics of Google design guidelines and resources
  • Responsive design: Storytelling for any digital platform
  • The linear / visual narrative approach. (Including hands-on exercise.)
  • Critique: Analyzing our successes, rethinking digital formats that miss the mark


Note: This workshop can also be organised as in-house training including customised critique and coaching on leadership, creativity, teamwork and planning. Hands-on evaluation of your own in-house redesign or product expansion efforts may be offered as well.


Responsive Design