Study Tour - WEF - NYC, Washington - 2016

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Study Tour - WEF - NYC, Washington - 2016

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As the US prepares for election day on 8 Nov, we drop in to see how newsrooms are dealing with the social newsroom. In newsgathering - how are they filtering the signals from the noise? And in reaching audience, how you reach out to new audiences while at the same time nurturing loyal readers on your own platforms


3-7 October 2016
New York City & Washington D.C.



In previous tours we have met with Quartz, Huffington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Vice News, AP, Bloomberg, Elite Daily, Storyful, CNN, ESPN, Daily News, Buzzfeed and more. We always have experienced editorial experts leading the visits. Note: We currently have 80% of our itinerary confirmed for our visits to New York City and Washington, D.C. Please email Nicole Frankenhauser (contact info below) for a copy of our planned agenda.


Future thinking

So maybe there are no 3D goggles in your living room, and your mirror does not respond to your voice and show you the headlines (as in this working example from the New York Times Labs in 2012). But you can be sure the top U.S. publishers are already looking out for new ways to consume and create the news. 


Make new contacts in the big city

Five days with your international peers in the major media cities of the U.S. are a great opportunity for networking and, in some cases, making life-long contacts. With lunch and dinner guests, we aim to use every hour or the trip as productively as possible. This photo shows a few of our delegates looking out from the roof of the Visual Revenue offices in NYC on an earlier study tour - long before they became part of Outbrain. 

Study Tour - WEF - NYC, Washington - 2016