Topics | The Newsroom Summit 2018

The Newsroom Summit 2018

29 Oct 2018 to 30 Oct 2018

Topics | The Newsroom Summit 2018



  • 1

    Audience engagement

    Newsrooms have moved from growing reach to enriching the relationship between the newsroom and audience. How are they achieving this? What AI, tools and metrics are they using?


  • 2

    Newsroom organisation

    Is the newsroom responsible for marketing paid articles? Should developers and coders sit alongside journalists? Can UX, data and analysis be centralised? What are the models that work? 

  • 3

    News feed personalisation

    In the era of the infinite scrolling thumb - what approaches are top publishers taking to make the news feed more algorithmic and individual?

  • 4

    Newsroom co-operation

    The ICIJ brought together Süddeutsche, the Guardian, the BBC, La Nación and many other publishers to work on the Panama Papers. What is the future of content collaboration?

The Newsroom Summit 2018