Programme | Trending ways to monetise mobile user traffic

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Trending ways to monetise mobile user traffic

29 Nov 2019
Hyderabad (City may subject to change)

Programme | Trending ways to monetise mobile user traffic


This workshop will be held for just 1 day;

29 Nov: 10.00 - 5.30

1.) Showing News on Google News Feeds and Google App on mobile automatically - Rules, Guidelines and Technical Requirements
Mandatory rules and regulations for news publishers  to generate more traffic.
2.) Google Mandatory Mobile First Approach + Google AMP
Mobile layout is first than website layout for ranking in results. What are the procedures to follow to get mobile traffic first. What are the pros and cons for AMP technology in Google.
3.) Promote your news app in app stores to appear on top results
Learn rules and mandatory regulations including methods to get your news website on topic of the results in play store in mobile.
4.) Monetize your news content from traffic using native ads
This session discusses about how to generate traffic. How to use this traffic in getting money from advertisement using native ads. Rules for approvals of ads and how they are operated including google marketing platform.
5.) Earn money on your mobile through traffic using Google Adsense
Using Admob by google, rules guidelines and how to use the same in monetizing the traffic from your app and also 3rd party apps helping in monetizing by ads.
6.) Facebook promotion of content using latest content marketing development for digital publishers
This is the new feature introduced by facebook in recent months. The session explain functions and features of Facebook Audience network, Facebook For Publishers and Facebook for Journalism.

Note:This programme is also offered as in-house workshop.

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Trending ways to monetise mobile user traffic