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Key industry leaders discuss the issues influencing the publishing world today

The WAN-IFRA Webinar Series partners with industry experts to bring you insights on creating growth opportunities and tackling current challenges. Engage with our panelists to ask the critical questions affecting your organisation.


Previous Webinars


That first million: new revenues for local publishers

Jeff Moriarty

October 4, 2016 at 15:00 CET

Jeff Moriarty, Chief Digital & Product Officer at Johnston Press, talks about how they have boosted revenue by offering local advertisers marketing services and solutions that go beyond display. Having joined Johnston from the Boston Globe back in 2014, Moriarty knows the challenges faced by regional publishers. It's no longer enough to focus on display or paid content, you need a balanced portfolio of digital products.

"In a local environment, where our research is showing that the ideal solution for SMEs is a 50/50 split of spend toward print and digital, to modulate between branding and highly targeted display, social, content marketing and search targeting -  we have a mature, optimised product set ready to meet that demand."

Join us and hear more about Johnston Press's Digital Kitbag (as featured in our Alternative Revenue Streams report) and their 1XL advertising alliance with other UK publishers.

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Mobile Strategy and Ad Revenue

Peter lamb

September 13, 2016 at 15:00 CET

In this webinar, Peter Lamb will offer you an exclusive preview of his session at Digital Media Africa on Mobile Strategy and Ad Revenue by challenging you with the following questions: 1. How should mobile fit into your overall revenue strategy? 2. How much resource should I devote to mobile? 3. How much profit can I really make with mobile, and when will I realize my ROI? 4. What is the optimal sales force structure?  5. Can I afford to do nothing?

During the webinar there is the chance to submit you own questions on Mobile Ad Revenue to Peter Lamb.

Click Here for the Webinar Recording

Webinar Series