Speakers | World Printers Forum Conference 2019

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World Printers Forum Conference 2019

07 Oct 2019
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Mittelstraße 2–4
, 10117 Berlin

Speakers | World Printers Forum Conference 2019


Managing Partner, Multisense Institute for Sensory Marketing, Berlin

The Multisense Institute advises companies. They translate current findings from psychology, neuroscience and sensory research into successful practice. The Institute shows brands how they can design their products, their communication and their sales processes more successfully in a multisensory way.

Senior Market Consultant, EMGE & Co, UK

Gary Thomson, BA (Hons), has been analysing paper markets for 25 years. He is a leading market research consultant in the Paper Industry, specialising in Printing & Writing Paper and Newsprint markets for the consulting firm, EMGE & Co.

EMGE produces forecasts and research information in the form of multi-client reports, individual market sector research projects and commissioned market surveys. For over quarter of a century, EMGE has been publishing a regular series of market reports and forecasts, focusing on the global graphic paper sector, including the EMGE World Newsprint Markets Report.

Gary started his career in 1993, working for Pulp & Paper International (PPI) as a paper market reporter, focusing on packaging and wastepaper markets. In 1997, he joined International Papermaker magazine, where he continued reporting on the world’s paper business. In 2001, he moved to Germany to become Editor-in-Chief of International Paper World magazine.

He was recruited by EMGE in 2004, and has since become one of the firm’s leading consultants, as well as the chief writer of its forecast reports. He regularly makes presentations on EMGE forecasts at events and conferences around the world.

Associate Professor, School of Journalism at the US University of Texas at Austin

H. Iris Chyi

Iris Chyi (Ph.D.), author of Trial and Error: US Newspapers’ Digital Struggles toward Inferiority, is an Associate Professor in the School of Journalism at the US University of Texas at Austin. Her research addresses the economic viability of online news and identifies universal patterns of user demand for multi-platform newspapers. Her “Ramen Noodles Theory” suggests that online news, like ramen noodles, is an inferior good. Chyi has received many research and teaching awards and has published more than 40 journal articles and book chapters. Information about her research is available at irischyi.com.

Managing Director, Styria Print Group and Druck Carinthia

Christian Wilms

Christian Wilms manages the Styria Print Group Austria together with Alexander Marko and is responsible for the areas production, engineering, all key processes and sales.
CONTACT: christian.wilms@styria.com

Betriebsleiter, Operations Manager

Maik Hofsink is Operations Manager of Grafschafter Nachrichten GmbH & Co. KG in Nordhorn, Germany. Grafschafter Nachrichten has been the daily newspaper for the county of Grafschaft Bentheim for over 140 years. In the Mediapark Nordhorn, the editorial office, publishing house and printing centre are united in the GN-Medienhaus. Current topics from politics, business, culture and sport are dealt with here. Grafschafter Nachrichten cooperates with the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung for national reporting and advertising.

Chief Operating Officer, Newspaper Printing Axel Springer at Axel Springer Print Management GmbH

Thomas Drensek was born 1960 in Germany. After having finished grammar school he did an apprenticeship in business management. Afterwards he studied mechanical engineering at the University of Aachen (Germany) where he graduated as an engineer. During that time he worked in Columbia (South America) for 6 months.

He started his professional career at Axel Springer SE as an assistant to the technical board member in 1989. After that he was General Manager in Spain, where Axel Springer established up two printing plants in Madrid and Barcelona.

Then he started as the production manager in the Offset printing plant Ahrensburg close to Hamburg. After taking on additional responsibilities of prepress and mailroom departments he was appointed General Manager in July 2003.

Since May 2009 he is also responsible for the Axel Springer corporate group project Customer Relationship. In 2013 he went to the Silicon Valley for several months to develop new technologies in the Axel Springer program „Visiting Fellowship“.

Today he is Chief Operating Officer, Newspaper Printing Axel Springer at Axel Springer Print Management GmbH.

Managing Director, Druckerei Konstanz GmbH, Germany

Die Druckerei ist Teil des Unternehmensnetzwerkes SÜDKURIER Medienhaus, das zum Augsburger Unternehmen Mediengruppe Pressedruck gehört. Deshalb kann die Druckerei Konstanz eine große Bandbreite an Produktvariationen und Leistungen anbieten. Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit den anderen Tochterunternehmen des SÜDKURIER Medienhauses entstehen spannende Synergieeffekte. Diese machen es möglich, innovative und zukunftsorientierte Gesamtlösungen anzubieten, die umfangreicher sind als der reine Druck von Publikationen.

The print plant is part of the corporate network SÜDKURIER Medienhaus, which belongs to the Augsburg-based Mediengruppe Pressedruck. This is why Druckerei Konstanz can offer a wide range of product variations and services. The cooperation with the other subsidiaries of SÜDKURIER Medienhaus creates exciting synergy effects. These make it possible to offer innovative and future-oriented complete solutions that are more comprehensive than the mere printing of publications.

Managing DIrector, Funke Druck GmbH, the printing division of Funke Mediengruppe

Dr. Klemens Berktold has been Managing Director of the printing division (Funke Druck GmbH) of the Funke Media Group since 2011. In this function he is responsible for the printing centres in Essen, Hagen, Braunschweig and Erfurt. The printing centres produce the publisher's own daily newspapers, advertising papers and commercial jobs. Since 2017, the printing division has been operating an e-commerce platform for the production and distribution of newspapers from circulation 1. Before joining the Funke Media Group, Dr. Berktold held positions as Managing Director of various printing and prepress companies at Bertelsmann and in management consulting.

Deputy Director, World Printers Forum, WAN-IFRA, Germany

Responsible for WAN-IFRA’s World Printers Forum and IFRA/DCX Expo, Sabine is a marketing and media expert, especially in the newspaper industry, with a focus on applications, innovations and creativity in the printed product. She studied marketing and psychology. At manroland press manufacturer, she was responsible for marketing newspaper and digital presses for many years. She has been consulting the newspaper and publishing industry worldwide, also as a freelance consultant, and earned an excellent reputation.


Manfred Werfel is WAN-IFRA Deputy CEO, based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. He is responsible for the Expo business of the association. He takes also care of the World Printers Forum, the print community within WAN-IFRA.

Since 1996 Werfel is part of WAN-IFRA’s management team. Over time he was responsible for Research, WAN-IFRA Reports, Expert Committees, Consulting, Training, Print Quality Projects, Events, Innovation Projects, World Press Trends, World News Media Congress, World Printers Forum and Expo. In 2012 he acted as Interim CEO.

World Printers Forum Conference 2019