Topics | World Printers Forum Conference 2019

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World Printers Forum Conference 2019

07 Oct 2019
Berlin office of F.A.Z., Mittelstraße 2–4
, 10117 Berlin

Topics | World Printers Forum Conference 2019



  • The Power of Print – findings from over 300 studies

    Thanks to psychological research and neuroscience, we now understand very well how people perceive, how their emotions arise, how they make (buying) decisions and what important role print media play in this. But anyone who wants to make effective use of the psychological advantages of print and its technical possibilities in the digital age needs sound knowledge and orientation. The Power of Print - Meta-analysis of the advertising effectiveness of print For this reason, the Multisense Institute was commissioned by the Creatura team to analyse more than 300 international studies on the advertising impact of print and print finishing for over a year. The world's first meta-analysis brings order to the diversity of scientific findings and technical possibilities. The meta-analysis THE POWER OF PRINT shows how brands increase their success with print.
  • Newsprint market trends

  • Newspapers’ price hikes in the U.S.A.

  • Investments in press and mailroom

  • Press extensions

  • Business extensions with “Internet of Things” and 3D printing

  • Developing new coldset print products

  • Personalised newspaper products and more

  • Print Innovations

  • Latest research reports

World Printers Forum Conference 2019