Sessions 7

Session 1: Top 5 Digital Priorities

Check you're on track for 2015. Leading media execs present their digital strategies and tell you where they plan to focus their efforts in the coming months. Benchmark your own efforts with peers of the industry.

Digital Partnerships: Key priorities in a distributed world

In a world of increasing complexity and multiple platforms, publishers need to consider and determine their key priorities when distributing content. Suzy Hay will share some thoughts around how the Guardian assesses specific partnership opportunities, and how we are working with the increasing complexity this represents.


  • Suzy Hay
    Global Director of Content Partnerships, Guardian News and Media, UK

Bloomberg digital revamp: start of a new era

Engaging and growing an audience is paramount to most media organizations in the fast-paced world of multiple platforms and social feeds. Find out how a targeted strategy and focus helps to create consistency in a diverse region.