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Social Media and Platform Strategies

Conference Stage in Hall C, Reed Messe Wien

With more news distribution and consumption happening through social media and news platforms are publishers losing the opportunity to build direct relationships and monetise content? Leading media executives are fine-tuning their social and platform strategies. Learn from some of the best practices.


  • Director, Europe / Africa & Global Advisory, WAN-IFRA, Germany

The impact of distributed content strategies for publishers

Pfeiffer will be present on how the distributed content landscape has evolved in the past year and will touch on themes including: Dealing with Instant Articles, Google AMP: A force for good?, Snapchat and messaging apps, Twitter and Apple, and distributed content in the age of ubiquitous video, among others.


Best practices for leveraging social media platforms

What are the secrets to a successful social media strategy? Before you can define which social media networks are best for your media, your organization needs to analyse your audience's profile and what it is expecting from you. As well as understand which platforms are the most appropriate according to your specific goals and needs.

And understand which platforms are the most appropriate according to your specific goals and needs.


The Strategy of Salzburger Nachrichten

Roman Minimayr, member of the management of Salzburger Nachrichten, will discuss integration and using new media in relation to information, communication and subscriber issues. He will also examine the process of news publishing (all channels) in general and the use of a multichannel publishing system, delivery of news (Print, Digital, Living Paper, App). In addition, he will describe Salzburger Nachrichten’s efforts in different lines of business, such as job-events, hosting – housing activities, app-supplier, and startup issues.


  • Chief Executive Officer, Salzburger Nachrichten, Austria