Sessions 13

Session 13: New formats, new storytelling, new audiences

Hall 74 - Main Auditorium

Chatbots, newsletters, emails, apps - several media are providing an innovative and original use to their content distribution formats in a more customized, precise, and adapted ways into today's news readers' consumption habits.  Both theSkimm and Quartz are at the forefront of journalism distribution's formats. 

How theSkimm became an active part of its audience's routine

theSkimm is a clear example of delivering useful information to a well defined audience in an appropriate way. It started as a newsletter that managed to get immersed into its niche audience's daily habits, building an almost intimate relationship with its readers and growing its audience to 7 million. Growth continues to take place with the launch of theSkimm App, a product integrating into its paid subscribers' calendars and innovation in audio and video formats.

You can read here our latest interview with Dheerja.


Quartz - Learnings for journalism in the new mobile era

Quartz has positioned itself as one of the most innovative media outlets in the news industry. From its chatbot-centered news app to its "Quartz Obsession" newsletter, it has aimed at disrupting the way news are distributed in mobile through ground-breaking formats that are adapted to the habits of today's news reader. This session will be key for any media outlet seeking to improve the way it provides its news content on mobile.