Sessions 38

Session 15: Behind the scenes of La Nación's "Notebooks of Corruption": the digital strategy, impact and return of a journalistic investigation

Hall 74 - Main Auditorium

A unique opportunity to understand how a news media company published a major investigation with a multidimensional approach, the impact it had on its community and on the outlet itself.

"The Notebooks of Corruption" refers to a journalistic investigation by Argentine newspaper La Nación's investigation around notebooks belonging to the driver of a government minister of former Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, where he carefully took note of bribes from businessmen to government officials in exchange for concessions. The documents began a judicial process still that has led to the arrest of 22 people, that is still going on and that threatens Cristina Fernández herself, her close allies and other figures of Argentina's political and business world. 

In this session, José Del Rio will explain how the company organized the publication process of the findings and the investigation: how did they choose the platforms, formats and timing to ensure more impact and attract readers? What impact did it have on the newspaper's subscriptions? How was information shared with justice and other media outlets?

A unique opportunity to understand how a journalistic investigation today should be thought through with a multiplatform dimension and to what extent it can strengthen the bond between the brand and its community.