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Technologies & Tools for Modern Newsrooms

Conference Stage in Hall C, Reed Messe, Wien

Modern newsrooms require technical tools to fulfill different tasks in communication, co-operation, workflow-control, and publishing content on a variety of platforms as well as in social media. How to select the best fitting content management system?


Modern newsrooms: the interconnection between journalism, data and technology

The business models and consumption patterns for media have forever changed by the rise of digital. Whereas media companies controlled the timing, access and marketing of content, consumers demands have changed the game. The challenge for media companies today, is not mastering the world of digital media, but mastering of media and content in what is now a fully digital world. Journalism is no longer separated from the media industry itself, rather newsrooms have to represent the interconnection between journalism, data and technology. Future storytelling is based on sophisticated digital tools and collaboration. But how can newsrooms manage this challenge and create the winning formula in content creation, consumption and monetisation?


  • Head of Marketing & Communications, APA - Austria Presse Agentur, Austria

Digital publishing in the DevOps era: how the Poligrafici Group reengineered its architecture towards an "agile infrastructure"

Cloud deploy, ease of management, flexibility, scalability and interoperability of services and technologies are the goals that have driven the new architecture of the Poligrafici Group digital infrastructure. By mixing open source innovative technologies (like the Docker containerization platform) and commercial tools, the Monrif Net team has re-imagined the group digital delivery platform around the “platform as a service” concept. The end result is a fully Amazon deployed solution, built on completely independent and scalable containers that can be easily deployed to minimize compatibility issues and maximize availability and performances.


It's All Newsday: Inside a transformative multichannel publishing project

Newsday has adopted a truly integrated system that begins with pure content in a neutral channel and allows them to preview and customize it for delivery to their readers wherever they choose to read it -- print, desktop, mobile web, our tablet and phone apps for Android, iOS and Kindle. Millrod will show in his presentation how they have integrated print and digital, not just technologically, but on a human level as well. They have transformed two newsrooms -- Newsday and amNew York, our NYC paper -- into multichannel journalists. That involved retraining roughly 400 journalists over a period of six weeks as our rollout began last fall.