Index Exchange

Index Exchange

At the complicated intersection of advertising and technology, Index Exchange was built to make things simple.

Our technology makes connections – between publishers and marketers, and then between marketers and consumers. Our stated mission is to democratize digital advertising – to open the doors for the people and partners who will make the future of our industry possible.

The relationship we share with those partners runs parallel to the approach we take with our brand – when we’re at our best, it is through their continued success that we shine.

As a result, we don’t feel any strong urge to self-promote. Our brand tends to be understated, elegant, clean, and perfectly appropriate to the environment in which you find us – a seamless connection between context and character. Our approach is measured, deliberate, independent, precise, and without bias. The visuals and voice of our materials should amplify these ideals, while remaining open and approachable.

This is who we are. This identity system is the result of careful thought and planning and exhibits what Index Exchange means to our clients, our team, and the world.