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Çağlar Göğüş

Çağlar Göğüş

Chief Executive Officer, Hürriyet, Turkey

Recognized for over twenty years as one of the leading authorities on digitalization, transformation, organic growth and customer strategies, Caglar Gogus is the Chief Executive Office at Hurriyet, Turkey’s largest and newspaper and digital publisher and classified sites.

Caglar Gogus has been the CEO of Hurriyet since February 2016 and worked as an independent member of the Board of the company in 2015. He has been working on accelerating the digitalization and convergence efforts thus digital revenues at Hurriyet and looking for further strengthening the firms’ real estate classified business and searching for new business extensions and revenue streams.

Before Caglar joined Hurriyet, he had an extensive international management consulting and entrepreneurial background in the areas of organic growth, financial services, customer experience management and big data technologies.

Caglar has been a keynote speaker at various global and regional conferences and executive workshops. He speaks with authority on issues of media, digitalization, organic growth and change management.