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Danto Dewanto

Danto Dewanto

VP, Sales & Marketing, Diginusantara, Indonesia

Danto Dewanto

Danto Dewanto is a combination of planner, strategist, brand and digital person. He has been tinkering with digital stuff for over 9 years, from Content Management, Product Management, Pre Sales to Digital Strategy.

From 2008-2017, he dedicated his talent to two of the most respected media companies in Indonesia, MNC Group and Metro TV. Danto began his career at MNC Group in 2008, where he served as a Content Management Officer. From 2010-2014, he was promoted twice to become Head of Product Management and Business Support, and Head of Pre Sales.

In November 2014, Danto left MNC Group to join as its Head of Digital Strategy Planners. He helped boost the company into a multibillion-rupiah-a-year business and doubled its size.

Danto is passionate about digital transformation, mobile and fascinated by how technology can change the way people see the world around them. He hates the typical cut-copy-paste kind of job and is always starving for innovation, despite the fact that it means experimentation and risk.

Danto enjoys listening to music. If you challenge him to play Pro Evolution Soccer, he will win.