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Henrik Keith Hansen

Henrik Keith Hansen

International media consultant, coach and trainer

Henrik Keith Hansen has worked with editorial leadership, management, strategy and organisational development primarily in public broadcasting for almost ten years at mid-management and top-management level at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation: Head of TV News, managing editor of the integrated TV, radio and on-line desks for Business, Politics and International Affairs, domestic editor of Radio News etc.

Altogether he has 20 years of experience from inside the media industry and 7.5 years as an independent management-, strategy- and digital media consultant.

He is part of the faculty of trainers at the European Broadcasting Union and their lead expert on integrated newsrooms and also a key figure in digital innovation and strategies. He has worked as a management consultant and trainer for a number of big international, national and regional European broadcasters, just as he has 7.5 years of experience from media development work primarily for International Media Support in The Middle East and North Africa, the Balkans and the former Soviet Union.

His leadership and management specialities are: Processes of creating and implementing visions and strategies, digital media trends, digital innovation and strategies, creating and leading the fully integrated newsroom, organizational development, change management, workflow and editorial procedures, editorial ethics.