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Jineth Bedoya Lima

Jineth Bedoya Lima

Deputy Editor, El Tiempo, Colombia

Jineth is a journalist and international speaker on armed conflict, drug trafficking, and gender violence. She is currently Deputy Editor of the newspaper EL TIEMPO.

She has published nine books on the armed conflict in Colombia and organised crime investigations. Her work has made her won several international awards such as the World Courage Award for Journalism (2001), the International Women of Courage Award (2012), the IAPA Press Freedom Award (2019), and the last one, UNESCO's World Press Freedom Award in 2020.

In 2009, when she made her case public, after 9 years of being kidnapped, tortured, and sexually assaulted, she created the campaign "No Es Hora De Callar" campaign (Now is not the time to remain silent), that managed to raise awareness on gender violence among victims like her.

Since 2008 she has been training journalists from Colombia and other countries in Latin America on how to correctly address gender-based violence in the media.

In 2013, she ranked among the top 100 most influential journalists covering wars and violence.

In 2014, the Colombian government, by presidential decree, declared the date May the 25th (day of her kidnapping) as the National Day to Dignify the Victims of Sexual Violence.
She was part of the group of victims that participated in the peace negotiation between the government of Colombia and the FARC guerrillas in Havana, Cuba. Her involvement and work in these negotiations made it possible for sexual violence to be incorporated into the agreements as a penalty crime, not subject to pardon.

In 2016 she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her work advocating for the rights of women and victims of sexual violence.

She is currently leading the regional initiative #MyVoiceAccount to decry the commercial sexual exploitation of children and teenagers.