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Kowanin Silva

Kowanin Silva

Editorial Director, Vanguardia, Mexico

Kowanin is a journalist in constant search of extraordinary stories. She is currently working on a comprehensive reinvention of  Vanguardia, one of Mexico's most respected regional daily newspapers. She has recently managed to increase the number of unique visitors to the newspaper's website by 500 percent.

She is the founder and leader of Vanguardia's investigative journalism team, recognized by national and international awards.
She's an expert in newsroom management, reengineering, processes and platform fusion and leads training in innovation projects, narrative journalism, research and long-term projects. Her daily work consists of guiding the editorial commitment of the media outlet in different platforms and narratives, as well as generating strategies to attract digital audience with quality content.

Co-author of the book, Romper el Silencio, or Breaking the Silence, where she describes the attacks from organized crime against Vanguardia and herself, during one the worst periods of organized crime in northern Mexico.