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Laura Velasco Calvete

Laura Velasco Calvete

Director Consumer Strategy, Vocento, Spain

Laura Velasco has been working in the Spanish media group Vocento since 2015. She spent the first two years in the newspaper ABC, where she worked as head of the CRM area and set up the customer centric approach, leading the evolution of user analysis. In 2017 she took up her current position managing three main areas. Firstly, she is responsible for the communication tools with users for the group (CRM and MKT Automation area). Secondly, she manages and evolves user processes and collects the data of every user category (Process and UX area). Thirdly, she is in charge of the digital subscription area, where together with the media in 2020 the business model will have been implemented in Vocento’s 12 regional newspapers. Her team develops the new functionalities of ecommerce and manages the capture and loyalty of subscribers. In a cross-sectional capacity, she is helping all the business units of the group to achieve their goals. Previously, she had accumulated more than 15 years’ experience working in different industries and sectors, always linked to user management, watching how digital transformation does not stop evolving. This evolution has been challenging as well as both exciting and dynamic.