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Magnus Zaar

Magnus Zaar

Founder, Think Agency, Sweden

Magnus Zaar

Magnus is the founder of Think Agency, a strategic online video agency supporting international media companies and brands in the video transition. Prior to starting Think Agency he was the Director of Television at Aftonbladet, Sweden's leading news provider, with more than 3.2 million daily users (in a country of 9 million).

Magnus is specialized in online video news and have developed online video strategies for international players such as The Telegraph Media Group, for Aftonbladet (where he previously was Director of Television) as well as for local media networks and online video news ventures. He previously had posts as the Head of Program Development at Swedish broadcaster SVT; the Director of Program Development and Sales at Swedish productions house Strix; Managing Director of production house Baluba Television; Managing Director of Kamera, one of Europe's leading online TV companies in the first round of online TV around year 2000. Read more about Zaar and Aftonbladet's commitment to TV here. Zaar also managed the Nordic launch of Joost, the online video venture started by Skype founders Friis/Zennström, and in connection to that residential entrepreneur at Atomico, the Zennström/Friis London-based investment company.