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Nicklas Hermansson

Nicklas Hermansson

Head of Story Experience, Bonnier News Brand Studio, Sweden

Nicklas Hermansson is the Head of Story Experience at Bonnier News Brand Studio. His team include some of the leading designers, editors and video producers in Scandinavia. Nicklas is a true practitioner who’s been standing in the epicenter of the digital media evolution since the very beginning of the new millennium. As Head of TV at the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet he can be held responsible of shaping parts of the digital landscape we now live in. A decade at Aftonbladet provided Nicklas with a profound knowledge of editorial and business development, but also structural and management challenges that go hand in hand with the transformation from print to digital media. As Creative Director at Hard Hat, at the time known as one of the most innovative new media production companies in Europe, he created some of the biggest online video formats in Scandinavia. As Head of TV at the progressive media company Mittmedia, including some 30 local newspapers, he was part of revolutionizing the future of local TV, inventing new ways of creating, distributing and monetizing on local video content, which Mittmedia later was awarded for at the INMA Global Media Awards in New York.