Digital Media Europe 2019

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Digital Media Europe 2019

01 Apr 2019 hasta 02 Apr 2019


Speakers from Amedia, Tagesspiegel, Guardian, Expressen, Schibsted, RussMedia, NRC and dozens more confirmed!

1-2 April 2019, Vienna, Austria

Battle for Engagement: Building Digital Subscriptions & New Ad Experiences for Loyal Users


Digital Media Europe returns to Vienna!

Digital Media Europe 2019 is coming back to Vienna, with a major focus on digital subscriptions and new ad experiences for logged-in users. And once again we’re very happy to have the support of our forward-thinking colleagues at VÖZ, APA and Styria Digital.

Digital Media Europe 2019 brings more interaction than ever before - with panels, parallel workshops and head-to-head discussions to help you discover best practice for growing digital revenue

The conference brings each year figureheads and key decision makers from international publishers together with delegates to determine best practice for developing a digital economy. Featuring panel discussions, intimate Q&As and extensive networking opportunities, DME'19 is set to examine solutions to the issues facing publishers in this period of rapid change.




  • 1

    Engagement and retention

     How publishers can reignite the relationship with their most valuable audiences: subscribers!


  • 2

    Product & UX

    Mobile UX has no relation to print. Lessons from inside and outside publishing on how to optimise the reader experience.

  • 3

    Marketing optimisation

    In e-commerce this is second nature. From multi-variate testing on CTAs, to optimising the purchase-to-pay workflow, what are top publishers doing? 

  • 4

    Advertising models for registered users

    Improving the ad experience for logged-in users and making responsible use of 1st party data. 

  • 5

    Video revenue revisited

    Publishers are rethinking strategies for video based ad revenue - integrating content more with day-to-day operations and driving down the cost.