Asian Media Awards

AMA Registration Fee


The registration fee stated below is applicable for each entry. The fees are in Singapore dollar (SGD)

For example if you are submitting a total of 5 entries for newspaper front page, the registration fees would be $750 ($150 X 5)

Do note that the entry fee cover one project instead of the whole cateogry. As such if you submit 5 different projects in e.g Newspaper Infographics, the registration will be based on 5 separate fees.

Best In Design

  • Newspaper Front Page Design SGD 150
  • Magazine Cover Design SGD 150

Best In Editorial Content

  • Newspaper Breaking News Article (Non Covid-19 related) SGD 150
  • Newspaper Feature Article SGD 150 (Non Covid-19 related) SGD 150
  • Covid-19 Reporting SGD 150

Best In Infographics

  • Newspaper Infographics SGD 150
  • Magazine Infographics SGD 150

Best In Photojournalism

  • News Photography (Non Covid-19 related) SGD 100
  • Feature Photography (Non Covid-19 related) SGD 100
  • Covid-19-related Photography SGD 100

Best In Newspaper Marketing SGD 150

Best In Community Service SGD 150

Best Revenue Diversification Project/Product/Service SGD 150

Asian Media Awards