Downloads | 13th Middle East Conference

13th Middle East Conference

28 Feb 2018 hasta 01 Mar 2018
United Arab Emirates (the)

Downloads | 13th Middle East Conference


Media Trends And Outlook

Thomas Jacob, Chief Operating Officer, WAN-IFRA, Germany

News Business In The Age Of Platforms

Grzegorz Piechota, Research Associate, Harvard Business School and Oxford University, United Kingdom

Publishers, Platforms, Profits And Promises

Joe Morrison, Director of Digital TV at Muscat Media Group, Oman

How Much Will People Pay For Quality?

Astrid Jørgensen, Head of Subscription Sales and Marketing, Politiken, Denmark

Bringing Content And Commerce Together

Mohammad Fahad AlHarthi, Editor-in-Chief, Sayidaty, Al Jamila and Arrajol Magazine-SRPC, Saudi Arabia

Singapore Press Holding's Road To Transformation

Anthony Tan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Press Holdings Ltd.

Spread The Facts! How To Increase Your Reach

Silje Sjursen Skiphamm, Senior Fact Checker,, Norway

Artificial Intelligence - A Positive Force In Journalism?

Parankusha S, AI Entrepreneur

Add Print - Add Power

Ulbe Jelluma, Managing Director, Print Power Europe, Brussels, Belgium

It's Time To Talk Metrics: Audiences, Attention, And The Persistent Power Of Print

Prof. Dr. Neil Thurman, Professor of Communication in the Department of Communication Studies and Media Research, LMU Munich, Germany

Learnings From Hollywood

Niko Ruokosuo, CEO, Al Abkaria Holding Company and GM Nebras Films, Saudi Arabia

13th Middle East Conference