Temas | The Newsroom Summit 2018

The Newsroom Summit 2018

29 Oct 2018 hasta 30 Oct 2018

Temas | The Newsroom Summit 2018



  • 1

    Audience engagement

    Newsrooms have moved from growing reach to enriching the relationship between the newsroom and audience. How are they achieving this? What AI, tools and metrics are they using?


  • 2

    Newsroom organisation

    Is the newsroom responsible for marketing paid articles? Should developers and coders sit alongside journalists? Can UX, data and analysis be centralised? What are the models that work? 

  • 3

    News feed personalisation

    In the era of the infinite scrolling thumb - what approaches are top publishers taking to make the news feed more algorithmic and individual?

  • 4

    Next-level newsroom collaboration

    Newsroom collaboration has moved up a gear with pop-up style newsrooms emerging to tackle specific problems like disinformation around elections. What lessons can be drawn for future collaboration?

The Newsroom Summit 2018