Programa | News Design for Print and Digital

News Design for Print and Digital

19 Aug 2019 hasta 20 Aug 2019

Programa | News Design for Print and Digital


19-Aug-2019, Day 1, Print design:


  • Remaking Media – Design trends  
  • The Pace of Print (how print can standout in a digital world)
  • Variable Fonts  – Covering new font technology (exercises)

More toward pure design, Variable Fonts are growing in popularity and understanding how they work can unlock a world of possibility for news organizations wanting to create their own distinctive look. A variable font allows the user to create thousands of custom variations of a typeface, meaning that while two organizations may use the same typeface — they each have their own custom version. Customization was something that used to cost thousands of dollars that is now virtually free with the purchase of the type.

  • Fake news  - Workshop shows how media organisation do a poor job displaying the truth in our visualization. 
  • Fake charts - How fake charts can mislead the readers and how can we protect against making those mistakes, few rules and guidelines
  • Sketching new charts


20-Aug-2019, Day 2, Digital design:


  • Remaking Media – Design trends 
  • Modern design online
  • How UX research can be used to focus brands on new opportunities in both online and print.
  • The No Code Movement – Exploration into the tools and examples of projects that are already online.  

A big one is the advancements made in the No Code movement. These are tools that allow for exploration into web design and development that do not require the user to know how to code. As you know, coding has long been a bottleneck for many designers and these tools have been present for years but are now maturing rapidly.  This is websites, online magazines, mobile…everything.

  • Making first project using Webflow. Webflow has a free tier that allows users to build entire databases and pages at no cost. 
  • Plugins for Google sheets, GlideApps and others that allow people to build with and without coding.
  • Introducing to JAMstack   - Covering the basics of components driven design and show how simple sites can be created quickly with a few tools. An open source, but can be integrated with other providers
  • Design with Figma, a free product that works for both Mac and Windows as an adobe replacement
  • Constructing a new product using JAMstack and No code

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Note: This programme can also be offered as in-house workshop.

News Design for Print and Digital