Programa | Native Advertising and Digital Strategies

Native Advertising and Digital Strategies

Programa | Native Advertising and Digital Strategies


Digital Strategies - Seminar

Media Industry in Digital-Tech Era: From Newsroom Transformation to Business Model Innovation
  • Breaking publishers’ dependence on platforms
  • Restoring trust in the era of Fake News
  • Deploy maximum technology
  • Better labelling and prominence for brands
  • Social Media and Messaging
  • Shifting Business Models: from advertising to reader payment
  • Data, registration, and new permissions 
  • Newsrooms embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Next Generation Technologies that Reshaping the Media Industry
  • Apply News Plus, Google News & Google AMP
  • Blockchain
  • 5G networks
  • Self-driving car

Monetisation Strategies for Traditional Media in Digital-Tech Era
  • The rise of online media and the decline of traditional media
  • Update your business model
  • Develop a platform strategy
  • Rethink the overall value stream and operating modEL
Native advertising, case studies and exercises

Native Advertising: The New Business Behind News Business
  • Native Ads Landscape
  • Native Ads Technology Landscape
  • Evolution
  • Personalization
  • Profits
  Native Advertising x Marketing Strategy
  • Maximize Customer Engagement
  • Drive Relevant Traffic
  Native Advertising: High Risk or new potential?
  • Native Advertising vs Content Marketing vs Editorial Content: Trust Issue
  • The line between editorial content and advertising in news
  Native Advertising
  • Examples, case Studies and exercises

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Note: This programme can also be organised as in-company programme

Native Advertising and Digital Strategies