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Cecilia Campbell

Cecilia Campbell

International Product & Market Officer, United Robots, UK

Cecilia is a journalist specialising in the digital media industry. She is Swedish, but have also lived in the UK and US for a total of over 20 years. Her particular focus is on the digital subscription business within news publishing. Cecilia worked in the core team of WAN-IFRA's executive programmes on digital revenues from inception in 2006 to 2019, where she set up and participated in hundreds of hours of meetings with publishers around the world, discussing reader revenues. She has also written as many pages of reports on the topic. In her role at United Robots, Cecilia is advising news publishers on how to leverage robot journalism in future-proofing their publishing business by extending and improving the journalistic product and growing revenues while at the same time freeing up editorial resources. Having moved countries five times, each time immersing herself in local work and activities, rather than relying on expat communities, she has truly an international outlook and way of relating to people.