Programme | 15th Middle East Conference 2020

15th Middle East Conference 2020

23 Mar 2020 to 24 Mar 2020
United Arab Emirates (the)

Programme | 15th Middle East Conference 2020



March 23

  • 09:30

    Registration and Coffee Break

  • 10:00

    Official Opening

  • 10:30

    Coffee Break and Networking

  • 11:00

    Opening Keynote

    Speaker to be confirmed.

  • 11:45

    Cracking the Millennial Code

    Most media houses are struggling to attract Millennials. This tech-savvy generation wants instant access to information, on mobile devices and in formats such as video and audio. How can traditional media companies appeal to this large consumer base?


  • 12:45

    Networking Lunch

  • 13:45

    Data: The Dormant Goldmine

    How media companies are becoming data-centric, using big data to engage audiences, create new products and grow revenues.

    From 4 to 300 Data Analysts

    Expressen has increased its reach on mobile from 700,000 to 4.7 million readers and viewers in five years - and is soon to be Sweden’s largest news site. One key factor behind this tremendous growth has been Expressen's data strategy which has turned them into the most data informed newsroom in the Nordics. “From 4 to 300 Data Analysts” will present hands-on tactics on creating a data informed newsroom that consists not only of 300 journalists, but also of 300 data analysts.



    How to Turn Data into Actionable Insights

    Media brands sit on enormous amount of Data, which remains under-leveraged. How can technology and a smarter mindset, help media houses gain valuable insights and monetize their data better.


    • Associate Publisher, NERVORA, VOGUE, POPSUGAR, WIRED, United Arab Emirates
  • 13:45

    BREAKOUT SESSION: Digital Transformation of Newsrooms

    With online content appealing to the bigger audience, Newsrooms need to shift gears and accelerate their transformation into digital. To tackle the core changes with minimum disruption Newsroom leaders have to re-organise the processes and deliver new strategies, in order to keep their current audience and also engage new readers. This reader centric vision to publishing is the basis to a steady and efficient digital transformation of the Newsroom.

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  • 15:15

    Coffee Break and Networking

  • 15:45

    Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Journalism

    From creating news stories automatically to optimising content delivery, an increasing number of newsrooms are using AI to automate and augment their reporting and other newsroom processes, making workflows more efficient, speeding up time-consuming tasks, and increasing the breadth of their coverage. Speakers will discuss some key considerations before introducing AI in your newsroom.


  • 17:15

    Newsroom 2020 - The Audience-Centric Approach

    The digital transformation of newsrooms has entered a new phase: Audience-Centric. As news audiences move online, and revenue sources of news organisations get disrupted, companies need to accelerate their transformation. Newsrooms need to be at the forefront of changes.

    In this new world, newsroom leaders must understand the roots of disruption and ways to transform their news organisations. They need to develop new editorial visions, find ways to transform their current and new audiences and reorganise their newsrooms to deliver on new strategies.


  • 18:30

    Presentation of Middle Eastern Digital Media Awards 2020

  • 19:00

    Middle Eastern Digital Media Awards Reception

    All delegates are warmly invited to the Middle Eastern Digital Media Awards ceremony to celebrate the finest digital work produced in the region!

    Enjoy an elegant reception and an evening of networking with peers, catching up with old friends and making new contacts.

March 24

  • 10:00

    Monetising your Audience

    The new focus on nurturing loyalty and building communities is starting to pay off. For the most advanced publishers in this area, digital circulation revenues have shot up as more digital users are paying directly for their content. One of the most positive developments in our industry is the fact that we are becoming audience-centric. News publishers are building their futures on consumer engagement, through membership models, paywalls, and other consumer-driven strategies. Nobody is writing off advertising entirely, but it is becoming increasingly clear that our future will be centered on our audiences.

    ARA newspaper: Strategies for growing revenue in digital (and print too!)

    Small can be beautiful. In this session, ARA’s Chief Innovation Officer, Georgina Ferri Tordera, describes how this growing regional news company in Spain transformed its business into one with a metered paywall by paying special attention to content audience, e-commerce and branded content, while maintaining healthy numbers in the print edition. Find out how they did it and their plans for further growth.


    Building a strong revenue model with quality news

    Learn how the 96 year old lebanese newspaper L’Orient-Le Jour increased their number of subscribers by 50% in 2019 and how they introduced a strong reader revenue model that people are willing to pay for. The paper’s strategy is to focus on digital subscriptions, and to expand its reach abroad, especially thanks to the large presence of Lebanese people overseas. 

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  • 11:30

    Coffee Break and Networking

  • 12:00

    The Power of Storytelling

    The Middle East region is ranked 2nd globally by the number of daily YouTube views - over 300 million every day. 70% of smartphone users in Saudi and UAE watch videos on social networking sites, which is higher than the global average. Global video consumption is growing exponentially. Publishers across the world are producing video content to facilitate greater engagement with their audiences, however the question remains, how can publishers create quality content that is relevant to its users?

    Why Video for Mobile?

    The BBC World Service is undergoing a four-year expansion program, launching a number of new language services and investing in existing services. But the project isn’t about doing more of the same; it’s about transforming what we do to meet the demands of younger consumers across all our different markets. Especially in mobile, social and video.


    • Digital Content Editor, BBC Arabic, UK

    How to Master your Digital Video Strategy

    24sata will exclusively reveal the latest results of research on how audience consume video. It will showcase best video practices from a winning video department in the Adriatic region and provide answers to the question: How to take advantage of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram video and establish an engaged audience?


  • 13:30

    Lunch Break and Networking

  • 15:00

    Future of News - What's Next?

    Speaker to be confirmed.

  • 15:30

    End of Conference

15th Middle East Conference 2020