Programme | 70th World News Media Congress, 25th World Editors Forum

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70th World News Media Congress, 25th World Editors Forum

06 Jun 2018 to 08 Jun 2018
Estoril, Cascais

World Editors Forum - Women in News Summit

Programme | 70th World News Media Congress, 25th World Editors Forum


After a tough decade, ripples of confidence are returning to the news business. Smart, creative responses to key challenges are yielding results for publishers big and small. 

In 2018 the focus is on those rethinking the way they lead, and MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

Our programme includes keynotes, Q&As and fireside chats; more, focused sessions; four parallel stages; deep learning; best practices; case studies.


June 6: Women in News, focused sessions, networking and Opening Ceremony


Women in News Summit

Reshaping Media Leadership: The Women in News (WIN) Summit will ignite Congress with a host of women leaders who are redefining the media industry, and kicking ass while doing so. They will share their future-focus during a 3-hour summit, featuring keynotes and a high-octane discussion on power, leadership and gender. 

This is not a women-only event. It is targeted at all who take the challenge and responsibility of leading media companies and newsrooms seriously. At present only a third of executive positions in media are held by women. On the boards of media companies, the percentage is even less . What would the media landscape look like if this ratio were different?
The inaugural 2017 Women in News Summit was a huge success. Be sure to join us in Portugal.

Small and Midsized Business, annual meeting

(2018 programme for the 7th meeting to be announced soon)

Opening Ceremony - the 70th World News Media Congress

Join us as we celebrate the award of the Golden Pen of Freedom, WAN-IFRA’s annual recognition of an outstanding action, in writing or deed, of an individual, a group or an institution to the cause of press freedom. Behind the names of the laureates lie stories of extraordinary personal courage. This is a moment for the world’s media to come together in solidarity and offer support to our laureate, and to insist that more be done to protect the essential freedoms that lie at the very core of our profession. 


June 7: Leadership, monetisation, journalism


Next-generation media leaders

As publishers morph their organisations in response to rapid changes in the news media landscape, they need to constantly check: are the right people, in the right roles, addressing the right challenges? Is your team representative? The new frontier is about bringing the best of design thinking into your operations, including the newsroom. And it’s about being connected to your communities.

Is your team diverse, smart and agile enough to help you succeed? Next-generation leaders offer their thoughts.

The paid-content strategy for you

More complex, diverse, ways of getting people to pay for content are emerging. All you need to know about strategies that are working and what’s ahead. The industry has learned a lot over the past five years about paid content models. We highlight best practice and focus on some of the new trends emerging: a mix of metering and freemium; niche verticals; membership models and newsletter businesses that extend the brand and harvest more intensely the most loyal readers/users.

Changes to 'Off Platform' approach

Content travels extensively outside of publishers’ digital properties. Before considering subscription help from digital giants, get to grips with what’s happening “Off Platform”. Case studies to help you evaluate and guide decision making.

Not all platforms play the same role. In the months leading up to Congress expect external factors to drive change in the way we deal with the major players. There will be more discussion on fake news, advertising gaffs and FB/Google's command of digital advertising markets. However, as more publishers shift to a subscription-driven model, platforms will be offering ways to support that part of the business.

Local news: raise your game and find a viable future

Local publishers are fighting for their lives. But there are serious initiatives to help save local journalism - in the US, Brazil, France, Egypt and Norway. We focus on these and one such initiative in Philadelphia, which is offering hope to publishers and cities worldwide. There business models, technology and audience development are under the spotlight in a live “test kitchen” which will share lessons to help other outlets succeed.

Journalism under fire

How does the type of journalism the public would like to see differ from what is emerging from your newsroom? While the need for trustworthy information has given a handful of publications a boost, most are fighting against general distrust and apathy in broader communities. What can you do to promote trust in your journalism?
The war against disinformation is being fought on many fronts: with real journalism, increased verification and increased adherence to visible standards. Is it enough? What does this mean for democracies?

Side meetings: GDPR implementation status; Print transition;

Keynotes and Fireside Chat on Designs, Tech & Society, “Look East for Innovation”

Friday June 8: Newsroom2020, Industry alliances, Digital advertising, Press Freedom


Newsroom 2020

More visual. More voice. More AI and more automation: the goal is to "reconfigure the news report so that it aligns with the range of digital offerings audiences now expect" - New York Times' 2020 transformation report. 

Who has an early start on the road to this brave new world?  

Industry alliances

Whether its collaborative reporting projects, a joint effort to crack the membership puzzle, joined-up work on advertising or a collective effort to address trust in media, there is new power in alliances. A report back from a few that are making a difference.

Digital Advertising

Almost everyone in the digital advertising food chain has had a miserable year (except Google and Facebook - now ‘the richest and most powerful publisher in history). From the world’s largest advertising groups to pure players having to “pivot to reality”. No wonder publishers are sweating. What can be done?

Press freedom roundtable

Corruption. Populism. Extremism. All have taken a toll on press freedom this past year and put the lives of journalists at risk. An opportunity to show solidarity with journalists from all over the world fighting for the freedom to get the news out.

Innovation and Trends

We are giving you ample opportunities to see what’s ahead tech-wise. From AI to bots, augmented reality and blockchain - our innovation gurus will showcase emerging tech trends and what they might mean for your newsroom and business.



70th World News Media Congress, 25th World Editors Forum