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FAQ | Asian Media Awards


I am interested to participate in Asian Media Awards and how should I go about it?

Thanks for your interest. Registration for AMA is strictly accepted by online here

Before you register, we suggest that you read through the critera and submission guideline. Should you have more question, please do not hesistate to contact Wilson Leong to find out more.

Is there any limit of entries which we are allow to submit?

You can submit unlimited numbers of entries across all categories except for Best in Overall Design (Newspaper / Magazine). Under both Overall Design, you are only allow to register once for each publication.

For other categories like Newspaper Front Page, Photojouralism, Newspaper Marketing.... you are allowed to submit unlimited number of entries should you have more than one project which you find suitable to summit.

What is the registration fees to participate in the award?

The registration fee stated below is applicable for each entry. The fees are in Singapore dollar (SGD)

For example if you are submitting a total of 5 entries for newspaper front page, the registration fees would be $750 ($150 X 5)

Do note that the entry fee cover one project instead of the whole cateogry. As such if you submit 5 different projects in e.g Newspaper Infographics, the registration will be based on 5 separate fees.

Best In Design

  • Newspaper Overall Design SGD 200
  • Magazine Overall Design SGD 200
  • Newspaper Front Page Design SGD 150
  • Magazine Cover Design SGD 150
Best In Editorial Content
  • Newspaper Breaking News Article SGD 150
  • Newspaper Feature Article SGD 150
Best In Infographics
  • Newspaper Infographics SGD 150
  • Magazine Infographics SGD 150
Best In Photojournalism
  • News Photography SGD 100
  • Feature Photography SGD 100
  • Sports Photography SGD 100
Best In Newspaper Marketing SGD 150
Best In Community Service
SGD 150

What happen after I register?

After you confirm the registration, we would take 1 working day to process your registration. (Sat/Sun is not a working day in Singapore).

If you are registering for the first time, you will receive a login account to our website.

Once processed, we will then send you an invoice/receipt with basic information to upload your entries.

I did not receive any login details / (I do not remember my login detail) after registration, what should I do?

Our system will auto generate a user login if you are registering first time with your email address. This login enable you to access our website to upload your entries.

However if you have taken part in our previous contest, you would need to use back the same login to access our website. Should you forget the login, you can do a reset at http://www.wan-ifra.org/user/password

I just received the confirmation email from WAN-IFRA? How do I upload the files?

To upload your entry, please login to our website.

Click on Asian Awards Entry Upload which will direct you to the upload links according to what you have registered.

The next screen will indicate all the entries you have registered.

Once you select the attachment, just click save and the upload will be completed.

The screen will then indicate the files which you had successfully uploaded. You can also remove and upload revised files before the deadline.

"No running projects" message pop out when I am trying to upload the entry. What should I do?

We would need one working day to process your registration. Once it is done, your upload link will then be available.

Another possibility is when you change your email in our website. The upload are linked from your email address, changing it will remove the upload links from your account. Please do not change your email there.

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